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– the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind platform for buying and selling the world’s most valuable resource…information.

It’s true! A successful social network or kingpin search engine are not just companies, they are EMPIRES! Built on little more than information, every day these companies make INSANE amounts of money from the sharing of content and information. The CRAZY thing is that they don’t even pay their best employees!

No… I’m not talking about tech guy, or the interns (they are doing just fine I’m sure). I’m talking about the people that actually capture, post and share the BEST of what the internet has to offer. This UNPAID workforce that has built and continues to make these companies filthy rich… they’re all of YOU! The truth is that without you the users there would never have been a single successful social network or kingpin search engine. These companies have decided to sell and trade YOUR information like gold, and the sad thing is, you will never see a dime of it. That is why we are here.


Oriscene believes that when you share a picture, a video or any other unique content that creates VALUE for someone else, then YOU should be getting a piece of the pie! With your help Oriscene wants to take the idea of a user compensated social platform and make it a reality!
With The Exchange you still share your content like you already do anywhere else, but you can rest assured that as the post takes off and the hits counter keeps climbing, YOU will be the one see that popularity turn into real Reward …. and guess who gets to line their pockets with all of that ? YOU OF COURSE! Just like it should be. Maintain complete control of your content property by labeling up to half of your original materials as PRIME content. That’s right! Take your best pictures, videos, stories or whatever and mark them as PRIME and you will rewarded EVERYTIME you get a user review. More traffic equals orcoins in your account. Simple as that.
No catch. No tricks. No minimum amount of views before you can start adding up the moola.

We Are the Next Level of Social Media

Sharing information with friends, family and the world has become cornerstone of social network success these days. We have learned to “snap & share” hundreds of times a day on instinct. Even if the information we post is critical, current, or incredibly valuable breaking news, we keep giving it away for nothing! That is a system that has NEVER shown value to you, the dedicated user. That doesn’t have to ever happen again.
Oriscene puts you in control of your intellectual property. If ANYONE is going to make $$$ from your media, it should be you that is in control. It should be you set to benefit first and foremost. Did you snap an awesome sunset, a celebrity spotting, or developing news video? Well, guess what? Someone out there wants it! Think you are the only one that melts at your pet’s goofy behavior? I willing to bet there is a small army of viewers just waiting for you to share so that they can watch it over and over again. Cha-Ching! Money in tha bank ya’ll! 

Oriscene Plays Match Maker

Even professional paparazzi can have trouble finding the right buyer. For someone like you and me, being in the right-place at the-right-time, isn’t always enough! Where would you even start look for a buyer? How much do you charge? How do you know if you are getting ripped off?
Well with Oriscene of course!
Oriscene is THE groundbreaking innovative platform that serves both individuals and media channels. As we get ready to go “Full Disruption Mode” on this industry, The Exchange ensures you now have safe, user friendly platform to showcase and sell your collections. Even better is that now the Media Outlets know where to find you

Buy and Sell like a BOSS!

Be a PRO right out the gate! You won’t get low-balled, or stiff-armed here. The are NO sketchy back room deals where the OTHER GUY is the only one that knows what your pic, video, or dirty little secret is worth. You have two ways of selling your content on Oriscene that makes sure you get the most value possible out of every deal struck in The Exchange.
BUY and SELL on Oriscene where you can choose to set the price or let interested parties set the value for you as they bid auctioning your content. (You can even decide to keep it and watch ‘em wish they had what you won’t let go of.) We make it safe, secure, and keep you in control so that you really get what your material is worth.

Oriscene is Different from the Rest

Just like other social networks, we bring people together to share their lives, experiences and views of the world - but there are three groundbreaking ways that Oriscene is changing the game:

ONE : Insanely Accurate Topic-Filters

Pinpoint accuracy for the topics you want. Oriscene’s targeted topic-filters are designed to ultra-customize media searches based on your interests and exactly what you are looking for. No more having to perform endless journeys for the content you want, across pages and pages of useless material that you could do without. This also means that day-by-day, with thousands of users participating in the sharing of information, our system is designed to bring the right people, to the right content, right away. Will it be yours they find?

TWO : We’re a Social Cooperative 

We are everything you love about your other favorite Social Networks - but with a special benefit- You get back what you put in! . Here members that bring value actually see it returned to them in Rewards! Usually if you get a post or image to go viral you become popular for 5 minutes of your life – with Oriscene if you have a video or image go viral - you get Reward! By Social Community In fact, by interacting with other users and using our awesome filters to reach the right audience, your intellectual property doesn’t just go viral. It explodes!

THREE : At Oriscene YOU are in charge

It has always been this way with the other networks as well, it’s just that here we acknowledge who runs the show and work to make sure the benefits from great contributions go to the great contributors who created and shared them in the first place!

Oriscene wants YOU to get reward for YOUR content. The sad part is that this shouldn’t be a groundbreaking idea in 2018, but with your help maybe there is still time to change the game. When was the last time you got rewarded from likes on a video you shared on other platforms? Likely, never. With Oriscene, every person reached and every interaction builds the value of your content. It’s a win-win.

Be the First on the Scene?

Oriscene is based on the belief that you, the user, the contributor, the content creator, deserves MORE. Stop letting others get rich from your pictures, videos and more

The vid of the baby laughing that got 2 million views. That picture you took you’re sure could have been on the evening news. The juicy shot you caught of “you-know-who” being naughty when they thought no one was looking. These are moments that Oriscene was made for and it is waiting for just one thing… YOU!

Now don’t think you have to look for celebs or wait on natural disasters to generate money. From bonfires to butterflies, landscapes to lightning strikes; you have the power sell your content at The Exchange for a fixed selling price or to the highest bidder. Companies are always looking for original images for their business needs. Easiest of all, is the orcoins you get just from referring others to Oriscene.

Build your Personal Brand and watch when you use the power of PRIME posts to earn big! In an age where information is power it is time to stop giving it away for free. Don’t let someone else get rich off of your property. Take back your power and demand your fair share.

Share it. Sell it. Get Reward.

It really is that easy. What’s stopping you? Get a free account just in case that magic shot winds up on your phone, or you can jump all-in and aim to become a full-fledged freelancer with your eyes ever on the lookout for opportunity. Either way, you now have a community where, “It pays, to be you.”

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