How it Works: Oriscene Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

How does Oriscene work?

The age of the instant journalist is here. Did you just get that killer pic a celeb doing what celebs do? Did you have the video rolling when the lines blurred between the terms “Protect and Serve.” Did you just happen across some tidbits of info that you are sure someone would want? Oriscene is the place reach out to a global community of buyers safely ad securely and get paid top dollar for your intellectual property!

It works because Oriscene is an equal partner between sellers AND buyers. Need to find timely, newsworthy tidbits? How about top-quality photos or videos? Perhaps just some unique images for your business that haven’t made the stock image rounds. No matter your agenda, we can fulfill all your content demands.

What does the term Oriscene mean?

The name Oriscene come from the term Original Scene: it’s a new social media concept that champions citizen journalism – the idea that users can be the top reporters on global news, events, and information.

Why should I choose Oriscene?

Wouldn’t you love to get rewarded to do what you love? What if you could do that without doing anything different than you are now? (Really, don’t get up.)
Oriscene makes the impossible possible by allowing you to use the same types of social media interactions that you’re already doing, but now when you gain interest, you gain real value.
We have created safe secure space for users to exchange ideas, content, media, and other intellectual properties – and earn top rewards at the same time!

Buy or Sell: What you want. When you want. How you want.

Our targeted topic-filters are designed to ultra-customize searches so that you can find anything you need within minutes, not hours.

We want your experience with Oriscene be exciting, inspirational, and most important of all - easy. If you have ANY difficulties along the way you will also be backed up by our amazing

Customer support team: While most activities can be completed without any issues, we are here to help if anything does go wrong.

How can I create an “all-star” profile that will make other users stop and take notice?

Image is key, so choose a great one!

Since our images are larger than those featured on most other social platforms, you have more flexibility and a greater opportunity to make a striking impression. Think outside the box – use an image that will grab attention.

Remember that more is, well…MORE!

Your profile is you. Period. Having an active profile in good standing is the only tool users have to decide if you are credible, trustworthy, or even worth their time and money. Taking the time to complete it shows others that you are serious about your presence here and that they should be serious when interacting with you.

Spread some personality on it!

I’m sure that many people are happy that Donna found her cat, or that Walter is getting over missing that last promotion…3 months ago! This is fine for friend and family on some other network. At Oriscene you are probably trying to attract visitors and want to rank your media the first thing you what ask yourself is, “Who cares?” Really. Create a profile and exciting posts that are true to yourself and to the audience you are trying to attract.

How do I search for other users, and content?

Followers: Users you are following and can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, by clicking on the “Followers” button. This will bring up a search bar where you can also new add users that you want to follow.

Friends: To add “Friends”, you need to navigate to your profile page. From here, you can click on the “Find Friends” tool bar, and enter the user name of the person you want to add.

Content: When you first sign up for Oriscene, you are asked to select your interests from a number of categories. The content from these categories  will populate your news feed to start out. If you want to search for specific content to buy, sell, or simply share, you need to click on the “Categories” icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. From here, you will be taken to our targeted search tool that allows you to fine-tune exactly what your looking for!

What kind of content can you share sell and buy on Oriscene?

Content or Material refers to anything of value that is original and that you have the rights to share.

What is the Exchange?

The Exchange refers to the community of buyers and sellers on Oriscene. Since you gain and spend money/credits from your Oriscene account on content inside of the Oriscene domain it is a fair assessment to see this as a community exchanging both products and ideas.

What is the OrCoins?

OrCoins it’s the virtual money used by the Oriscene platform.

How much OrCoins worth?

Each OrCoins equal to 1 cent.

How do I earn OrCoins?

Thanks to our sign-up achievement reward, you get 500 OrCoins the moment you confirm your sign-up email! Every registered user is given 500 OrCoins for free, no strings attached! BUT… you aren’t the type to stop there, are you?

To keep track of your rewarding and outgoing revenue you should log in and click on the “Revenue” tab at the top of your screen. Here you’ll find you “OrCoins Pool” where every action you take or post you make has the potential to generate more OrCoins for you! (Just go ahead and bookmark this one, your gonna want to come back often.)

What activities bring in the OrCoins?

Post. Get people to like it. Earn more.

No Really... How do I earn OrCoins?

Post Something: Really! You get reward for the number of times other users select Agree or Disagree. Agrees and Disagrees are added up separate and BOTH can earn for you! Some will love you, some will hate you, but they will ALL be trying to borrow OrCoins off of you if you can get their attention,

Prime Post: click the prime post functionality to generate more OrCoins  for each review made by other user.

Direct Sales: Use our Seller’s Platform. When you post content here, your original content is put up for sale in one of two ways.

Set a price and sell automatically or you can auction to the highest bidder.

***Make sure to sign your e-contract in order to enter into any transaction as either a buyer or seller. For more information on this, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Referrals: This is the fastest and easiest way to make cash without lifting a finger. Use the “invite friends” link to ask your friends and family to join. You get reward immediately if anyone you referred signs up. By inviting friends, family, or anyone you know to join you are bringing in more people that want to buy and sell. That’s good for everyone and we reward you for helping yourself!

Activity Bonus: Each month, Oriscene awards a bonus to select users for exceptional levels of activity and engagement. What does that mean!?! Well get out there and find out! Maybe you can find some hints and tricks if you start exploring the website. ;)

Don’t worry though, if are selected Oriscene will contact you and make sure you get what’s coming to you…

How much do I get reward for my PRIME contributions?

For every “review” that you receive you are credited one OrCoins.

Can I add more OrCoins to my account?

Yes, you can purchase more OrCoins by using your mobile in app purchase or PayPal.

Why can I only mark 1/2 of my materials as PRIME? Wouldn't it be better for everyone if EVERYTHING was for sale?

Sure! But what fun would that be! By only allowing half of your posts to be PRIME capable Oriscene hope sot get a balance of great content not purely motivated by revenue.

What is a review?

You will earn one OrCoins for each digital content uploaded and marked as Prime post from your side, when others click on your content to review in bigger scale These interactions are considered “reviews” and through these reviews the community builds the value of individual posts as well as encourages others to participate by reciprocating and likewise reviewing your posts.

Is the OrCoins I earn treated differently for sold, auctioned, or Prime Labeled?

Yes and No. All OrCoins collected to your Oriscene account is treated the same when used across the cite itself. The only difference comes when you have accumulated (10000) OrCoins and go to “cash out”. At that time, there is a 50% processing fee on any rewards earned to cover the platform operation cost and in app purchase fees.

When can I spend the rewards I earn?

You can purchase or review content anywhere on Oriscene using your current balance of OrCoins. You may also opt to withdraw funds after you accumulated (10000) OrCoins that can be spent anywhere.

How do reviews earn rewards? Do only the Positive ones count?

Every time you review a post you are voicing your opinion of the content . The main goal for ANY content is to draw a reaction from a viewer or reader. GOOD OR BAD! Either way if you can get a reaction you are building buzz for your post. Since both build reputation you get paid for BOTH positive and negative reviews.

What payment types are supported?

Oriscene currently uses Apple, Google in app purchase and PayPal exclusively as our payment gateway for all transactions. This provides the safest and most secure method for payment deliver and acceptance for both buyers and sellers alike. Credit and Debit Cards are accepted though they must also be processed through Apple, Google in app purchase and PayPal.

***It is the responsibility of the user to set up a PayPal account if they do not have one already.

What’s the bottom line? How much do you guys take?

If you were on other sites trying out this kind of system, now is the time to sift through an ocean of “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts.” Well,

“If”, you check around you’ll find many big social sites and media outlets that claim as much as 60% or more of the revenue generated from user content. We don’t believe that is a fair payment model…

“And”, with Oriscene, there’s no splitting hairs or grey areas about who the stars of the show really are, YOU and your CONTENT! We are only here to support and provide users with the most secure, effective, and innovative services that we possibly can. If we could do that without taking a dime we would…

“But,” we still have to pay the bills and keep the place all shiny and stuff. We do this by taking a 50% Total. (20%) commission on all revenue gained by actively participating users and (30%) to cover Apple, Google in app purchase fees. That’s it. Period. Move along now.

Can buyers or sellers cancel a sale after it’s been processed?

Another GREAT feature offered through our payment process is the 24­-hour Post-Sale Period. During this time buyers have the right to contest the sale. This means that if a buyer makes a purchase, and within 24 hours discovers that the intellectual property is either defective or already owned/in use by another party, they may put together evidence and lodge a formal claim to dispute the transaction. This feature keeps both buyer and sellers secure in the knowledge that their purchases are of the highest quality and will hold up to scrutiny.

Can Oriscene help me dispute a fraudulent transaction?

Oriscene keeps itself in the unbiased role of facilitator for all transactions on the platform and so we cannot actively participate in those transactions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Does Oriscene own my content once it's posted on the platform? does not claim ownership of your content and/or information, but merely hosts your information via our services. Accordingly, contracts of sale for products on this website are strictly bipartite contracts between you and the other buyers and sellers on Please consult our Terms and Conditions for further information on our role as a facilitator.

When do I get paid after a sale?

Payment for sales made on the seller's platform may be released to a user's external account immediately following the 24 hours post sale period. However, due to Apple and Google in app purchase procedure it might take more than the typical 3-5 business days. and to make our payment easy and accurate. you will receive the funds in your PayPal account on the 15th the next month.

How can I transfer funds from my Oriscene account to my bank?

Once again you will need to have a PayPal account verified in your Account Settings on This process may take up to five days to complete and no transactions will be processed until the verification is complete so it is best to make sure to verify when opening your account so that it is ready to accept and send payments without delay.

What are the withdrawal limits and frequency for my account?

Rewards can be redeemed and withdrawn in 10000 OrCoins increments without restriction. This means that if a user accumulates 13000 OrCoins, they may withdraw $50(10000 OrConis) and the 3000 OrConis will remain in their account as a balance until it reaches the next increment.

Can Oriscene ever refuse to pay me?

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions , Oriscene reserves the right to refuse payment and/or to refuse the allocation of revenue to any parties who do not own the rights to content being exchanged, or who’s actions or content violates these Terms in any way. By using our services, you confirm that you are an individual above the age of 18 years old. As a minor you may not sell, purchase or bid for any digital content on Oriscene. As such, we reserve the right to terminate any transactions found to be made by persons under the age of 18 who do not have the legal capacity to enter into a valid commercial contract. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, section 6.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Oriscene revenue?

Please make note that all revenue earned in any manner through the Oriscene website is subject to U.S. taxes. All income, personal or enterprise related, must be reported to the IRS. However, Oriscene does not issue 1099 tax forms to sellers, nor does it report seller’s sales figures to the IRS. Oriscene exists and functions as a facilitator, meaning that we provide a marketplace in which buyers and sellers come together to do business. As such, it is the sole responsibility of the seller to see that they report their earnings honestly and appropriately according to U.S. tax laws. If you have any questions about how to file taxes for your revenue, be sure to speak to an accountant.

I never received the content I purchased or what I received was not the same as I was offered.

If you have paid for something through our purchasing platform but it either

A. Is in violation of our Privacy Policy or 

B. You feel that it was not truthfully represented

You have 24 hours to lodge a complaint. If you fail to take Action within 24 hours, whatever failings you may find with the article become your sole responsibility.

I received a suspicious email from someone claiming to be Oriscene:

All Oriscene correspondences will be accompanied by the official Oriscene logo and will not ask you to supply any personal details like credit card information via email. Any email that does should be considered possible spam. Do not open it. While we make every effort to stop these sorts of attacks, it’s impossible to monitor or prevent them all. The best thing you can do is report it to our Technical Support Team immediately and delete the offending email from your system.ete the offending email from your system.

I found my original content for sale by another user:

This may be a case of copyright infringement and you need to act immediately. If you notice content for sale that looks like it could be your own recycled material, submit a detailed message with your name, contact information, (address, telephone number, and email) identifying characteristics and web location of the copyrighted work, and a written statement detailing your claim. For more information on how to deal with copyright infringement, please see our Terms & Conditions.

I want my child to have their own account but they are under 18:

In the very near future, Oriscene will have a feature available to adult users to create a child account that is linked with their own. This will give persons under 18 a chance to share and participate in Oriscene activity while at the same time ensuring that transactions only occur through the parent account and the sorts of content minors are being exposed to will be controlled. All revenue generated by the minor will go directly to the parent, whom will take all responsibility for activities on this associated account. Distribution of revenue to the minor will be at the sole discretion of the guardian/adult account holder.

How can I tell if a seller is trustworthy?

In the coming months, we will be incorporating a rating system for buyers and sellers that will allow users to rate other users based on the satisfaction and success of a transaction. This type of reputation based system rewards great interactions and helps users to avoid high risk or unscrupulous activities. If you suspect another user of unsavory, untrustworthy or illegal activity, please contact us immediately.

Can I make rewards from sharing another user's content?

Please note that only the person who originally shares the content will receive any rewards revenue from content. Just as with other social networks, users interact on Oriscene because they care about what they see. People share simply because they are moved, inspired, or enlightened ­ and they want others to feel the same. So that means that every time you share your friend’s the moody cat photo or lazer shark video you won’t be receiving any rewards but you WILL be sharing your fave posts for other users to discover and enjoy like you do.

What are some tips and tricks for success?

We have one goal here and that is regardless of whether you are buying or selling, we want you to SUCCEED! Come on now, it’s why we are all here. Every positive user interaction and every sale experience builds a brighter future for everyone that has chosen to be part of this groundbreaking platform.

So, do we have any tips and best practices? Well, yeah! Here you go:

Post questions! Start a conversation. Ask a question. Get involved. Either post something that stirs curiosity or find another user’s thread that does the same for you and get involved. Using open ended questions pull others in and make them really think about how they are answering. Avoid asking questions that can have a YES or NO answer if you want to avoid the sound of crickets and the twiddling of thumbs.

Contribute actively: If you are hoping for other users to “Agree or Disagree” with your posts then make sure you are returning the favor! Get out there, make connections and stir people to some form of action!

Contribute regularly: Be consistent. Posting and interacting once a month is better than nothing but try a little bit everyday if you want to see the best results. If someone responds to something you post and it takes 3 weeks for you to acknowledge them, don’t be upset if they doubt your sincerity and potentially not take your interactions seriously.

Relationships take nurturing like a flower needs water and… whatever! People are needy! They get bent easily. Don’t be the person that rubs them the wrong way, be the one that makes them feel like you hear their views and by interacting you respect them as well (even if you don’t always agree with them). Don’t be your own worst enemy. Build a good reputation not one based on inconsistency.

Champion the unique: Being involved doesn’t mean being BORING! You have at least one thing that no one else ever will, YOURSELF! You have a voice, an opinion, a viewpoint of the world that is all your own. Share it! Get the community moving by writing comments, posting content or getting into discussions that are unique, passionate or even sometimes heated! (Yes, you can get heated and be respectful, it’s fun!) No matter what it is these types of interactions that get you and your works noticed. Reach out to people, be bold to get the gold!

Just Be YOU!

Please do everyone a favor and if there is only one thing that you can bring Oriscene and your time here, please bring everything that is you! Unique, strange, exciting, outspoken, shy, angry…all of it should NOT be left at the doors it should live here with you so that you can share that with the community and the world. 

Think of yourself as a Brand. Yeah I thought Nike but even if you are better than a stinky gym shoe you need to know what you stand for, who you want to be and how you will make sure that your inner flame lights bright enough for everyone to see.

If you can do that and get that to come across in the community then you are going to be A.O.K in more than just your time here at Oriscene.

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